Helen Quealy

I commissioned Diarmaid to paint two pieces for me over the past year and to say that he surpassed my expectations would be an understatement. The pieces were given as gifts and now hang in pride of place in the recipients homes.

A joy to deal with and immensely talented.

Sean O’Brien

My wife is a two-time cancer survivor and for her boxing gloves resemble the fighter in her. So I asked Diarmaid paint an image with boxing gloves. The level of detail in the painting is something else and my wife loves it. Diarmaid was a gent to deal with and managed to get the painting done in a short timeframe so I could pick it up while I was back home from Chicago for a quick visit. Would definitely recommend!

Amy Walsh

Diarmaid O’Sullivan has been an artist that I have followed for some years now. I own three pieces by him and have commissioned two additional pieces, this year, as gifts for loved ones.
Diarmaid’s ability to capture the perfect amount of detail and expression in a painting makes every piece feel so alive. Each piece that I own is a favourite for many reasons.

Erin’s coat – I remember scrolling through Facebook and seeing the finished post of this piece. I thought it was a photo. I stopped to scroll back and stared at this piece for some time. Immediately messaged Diarmaid to purchase the piece and have it shipped to NY. I loved everything about the simplicity of what the painting captured, but the detail and lighting made it feel as if I was standing in the room with the jacket.

Roses – this one is special as it was commissioned as a gift for my Husband and I when we got married. I gave Diarmaid a space on the wall and told him to design whatever came to mind. The romance captured and beauty of each petaled rose make me smile everyday.

The Cliffs – our first commissioned family portrait. On one of our many trips to Ireland, we ventured off with our daughter and captured a great selfie of the three of us at the cliffs. My first time there as well as our daughter’s. Such an amazing memory to have captured with such amazing detail.
I remember the first time I saw it. The blades of grass, my husband’s beard, Ceili’s knitted hat. Every detail was perfectly highlighted.
I am a proud to say that I plan to be a collector of Diarmaid’s works for many years to come!

Tom Murphy

I was looking for a birthday present for my parents, unfortunately our family pet of fifteen years had just passed away. I decided a painting of our lost family member would immortalise him forever. Diarmuid did a fantastic job capturing his character with a beautiful oil painting and it will hang on the wall proudly forever. Thanks Diarmuid.

Tracey Kelly Erazo

I have two commissioned pieces by Diarmaid and every time I look at them I am in awe of their detail and beauty. One is a family portrait and the other is of our beloved dog Abbie. They are both prominently displayed in our home and are constantly commented on by family and friends who visit on how amazingly lifelike they are. I also own a print of an original by Diarmaid entitled “Erin’s Coat” that I fell in love with. I look forward to owning more pieces in the future and having more commissions done!


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