Amy Walsh

Diarmaid O’Sullivan has been an artist that I have followed for some years now. I own three pieces by him and have commissioned two additional pieces, this year, as gifts for loved ones.
Diarmaid’s ability to capture the perfect amount of detail and expression in a painting makes every piece feel so alive. Each piece that I own is a favourite for many reasons.

Erin’s coat – I remember scrolling through Facebook and seeing the finished post of this piece. I thought it was a photo. I stopped to scroll back and stared at this piece for some time. Immediately messaged Diarmaid to purchase the piece and have it shipped to NY. I loved everything about the simplicity of what the painting captured, but the detail and lighting made it feel as if I was standing in the room with the jacket.

Roses – this one is special as it was commissioned as a gift for my Husband and I when we got married. I gave Diarmaid a space on the wall and told him to design whatever came to mind. The romance captured and beauty of each petaled rose make me smile everyday.

The Cliffs – our first commissioned family portrait. On one of our many trips to Ireland, we ventured off with our daughter and captured a great selfie of the three of us at the cliffs. My first time there as well as our daughter’s. Such an amazing memory to have captured with such amazing detail.
I remember the first time I saw it. The blades of grass, my husband’s beard, Ceili’s knitted hat. Every detail was perfectly highlighted.
I am a proud to say that I plan to be a collector of Diarmaid’s works for many years to come!


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